The operational K9

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The operational K9

Dogs (K9s – canines) are widely used for the support of many governmental and civilian operations. This fact has resulted in the wide spread use of the term “working dog”, meaning every trained dog to support a society in many different professions. Especially, in many countries the short term “K9” is used as an acoustic substitution for the English word “canine” (/ˈkeɪnʌɪn,ˈkanʌɪn/).

Every category of working dogs can be very different in many ways from another category. Therefore, it is often misleading to use the term “working dog” for all these categories. Inside this term, there is a hidden group of working dogs, which are trained to operate in a high-threat environment. These K9s put themselves continuously and selflessly at life-threatening risk. For these K9s the title “Operational K9” is more appropriate, and in that way we can distinguish them from the rest pack of working dogs.

Operational K9s include the dogs used by law enforcement services (e.g. police dogs), military working dogs and search and rescue dogs, as well. For the army, the terms “Military Working Dogs” and “Multi – Purpose Canines” are more suitable and are used to separate this elite category of K9s. Operational K9s do not serve with their own will, like the rest of the personnel in these services. However, they are the most faithful and dependable members of these operational teams in the tactical field. They outperform us in terms of strength, speed and sensory skills (smell, hearing etc.) and as a result serve as a force multiplier, performing an invaluable service in today’s society. The success of various law enforcement, military, humanitarian and SAR operations depends on them and they are owed gratitude for their service. They are loyal, they sacrifice themselves, they are true companion, teammates and defendes.

We thank them!

“sleepless like hounds” The Republic of Plato (404a)

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